Logs, Kindling & Log Stores.

Log stores, Logs & Kindling.

Oak and Iron are pleased to offer new this autumn netted bags of soft wood kiln dried kindling and air dried soft wood logs ready to burn for those cosy nights in beside the fire.  Oak and Iron can also help with your storage solutions with log stores to keep your winter fuel ready for you.
Special offers will be soon be posted for multiple purchases, so watch this space.  Oak and Iron will also be offering larger builders bags of random sized soft wood off cuts.  Local delivery will be possible for larger quantities, so contact us for more details.

​Netted Logs and kindling.

We are pleased to now offer netted logs and kindling with possible free local delivery on some orders.   Call now for details.

Netted kiln dried kindling £3.50 per bag or three for £10.00

Netted air dried logs £ .    .

Builders bags of random sized timber off cuts £ 28.00 each    .
Standard & Custom Built Log Stores
Keeping your stock of wood fuel dry and ready to burn for those cozy nights in by the fire.
Oak and Iron build a range of storeage buildings in all sorts of styles that are built to last.  Log store are really important to keep all your wood fuel neat and tidy as well as keeping a continued air flow for the best possible burning results.  
Wood fuel is the best for our enviroment.  We are proud to work in an industry that leaves very little or no waste and can be used in so many ways that enhances all of our lives, from keeping us dry, keeping us confortable and to keeping us warm and fed.  Isn`t wood good !!!

Call now for best prices.

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